GTM is geared for the SME company to help them grow and evolve to gain or maintain success. As such the packages that GTM have put together fit well with SME resources, both in terms of time and money, and as such the packages are very attractive. Please remember that with the execution services as well there is a strong dependency on ROI generation.

From one day sales enablement workshops to one-week competitive analysis and value creation consultation, to one-month full business analysis and plan, and ongoing. SME’s don’t have the resources for the 9-8-7 model (9 months, 8 people, 7 figure consultations), so GTM packages and services work around your business needs.

GTM offers a follow up review every month. As we pride ourselves on our quality of services, these reviews are free of charge and are designed to support our clients with their plan, whether reviewing results and benchmarks, amending the plan to capture recent KPI changes or discussing further business needs. In addition, GTM offers executory services to help ‘action’ the plan.

Executory services include sales and management. Sales Executory Services can work in a number of ways. A sales presence, whether digital, internal, external or omni-channel, can be a very expensive overhead, and so a company needs this presence to be as effective as possible. GTM offers Sales Optimisation with your digital presence, Sales Enablement for your current sales teams (and we do include marketing, sales teams), as well as Sales Execution where GTM provides ‘Sales as a Service’ (and again, we do include marketing, sales teams and digital platforms).
Management services include non-exec director facility increasing the capability of your management team or board.

No, GTM offers market entry consultancy. With global experience GTM can provide consultancy and executory services for international companies wanting to enter the Middle Eastern markets, as well as Middle East companies wanting to enter international markets.