What makes GTM different?

GTM is a specialised consultancy designed to support Small and Medium Enterprises, with a range of offerings specifically tailored for SME’s, from advisory, consultancy and executory services all focussed on helping those companies achieve or maintain success.

Initially starting in the Middle East, the firm will marry international expertise with regional experience, eventually scaling to a global platform offering accessible and affordable expertise  to all who needs it.  You could say expertise without the expert fees.

If we look at Dubai alone, then SME accounts 25% of GDP and 30% of the workforce, so they have a marked effect on both the economy and the community of Dubai. And these numbers increase in other areas of the world.

There are many management and business consultants around – what make GTM different? Yes, there are many management consultants around, but what makes GTM different is fore unique core factors

  1. it is designed specifically for Small & Medium Enterprises
  2. It offers executory services
  3. It is designed around your business – that can be fixed price off-the-shelf offerings or bespoke tailored packages allowing GTM clients the flexibility to request the right type of expertise at any given time.
  4. GTM have a vested interest in the success of our clients – with success, this leads to growth and expansion, which leads to job generation, which is purpose of the business.

What gap in the market do you see and why now?

There is a lot of scaremongering that half of businesses fail within the first year. Actually it’s not quite as bad as that.  In reality approximately a quarter of all business fail in the first two years, but 50% in the first 5, and 65% within 10 years.

So, we know more business fail between 1 and 5 years, and why is that.

Advisory, consultancy and research firms have lots of high end services tailored for the large enterprise and federal clients.  The big 4, their second tier global and smaller regional competitors focus on the same cash cow clientele, and for good reason – these clients have the time and the money to support large consultancy bills, with complex organisations and multi-faceted value chains. The 9-8-7 model as I call it (9 months, 8 people, 7 figure consultations)

There is a wide variety of advice at the start-up stage, from assistance reviewing and tweeking the initial premise and business plan, advice on angel, VC or crowd funding, a growing number of incubator and co-working ‘hubs’ – all focussed on turning an idea into a business proposition and a viable Micro business, geared at supporting [and milking] start-ups, whether bootstrapped or funded.

Once past this stage though, after navigating the harsh realities of start-up life with a company that is surviving, then there is little cost efficient advice available – the entrepreneurial advisors see that you have ‘made it’ from Micro to Small and are up and running, while business management and consultancy firms see you as Tiny fish, not able to offer the cash and resources they need to make it worth their while servicing you – they focus on the nine-month, eight-person and seven-figure projects.

So, those that do progress from a Micro to a Small Business tend to continue with a mentality of ‘I think I know what I’m doing, I got here, didn’t I?’, where they reach a plateau and sticking point on how to reach the next level – this is a vital stage, and one when the plan and the execution must align to the company goals and purpose…and those goals and purpose may have changed since start-up stage.

Yet ALL businesses would benefit from advisory and consultancy services throughout their journey, as

  • Management style,
  • Organisational Structure,
  • Formal Systems,
  • Major Strategy and
  • Business to owner relationship, all change and need to evolve through the company maturity.