How GTM Middle East helped a UAE video production company overcome its expansion issues.

Isaac Kumer, CEO at, highlights why he used GTM Middle East and the immediate benefits he noticed in terms of his business.

  • What background can you give with regards to your company history and could you highlight recent challenges you have faced?

Worked for a Creative agency in the US called over to do work for Dubai Mall. When the rest of the team left on a plane – I stayed with my camera, backpack and some money in my pocket. Worked hard freelancing before seeing that the market needed more quality production houses and started, successfully gaining a number of high profile projects and clients over the next 4/5 years – many of which are still clients today. I identified another need in the market not only for quality but for availability, consistency, and ownership as customers became more demanding and bespoke. Along with a desire to go to the next level, and become known being one of the top production houses in the UAE, invested heavily in the infrastructure, equipment, systems and headcount to provide agile, responsive and accountable quality as a strong value proposition. However, to grow their needs to be more clients and more business, and to diversify the risk of narrow customer base.Having previously worked on word of mouth and recommendation I needed a strategy to obtain customer expansion work directly and through agencies, so two different approaches are needed for the different channels.
In terms of return on investment, what has been the impact in the short-term on your business and looking forward to what would be your projected savings?

Short term gains have come from the pricing strategies used following the GTM engagement, while also building the pipeline of new clients using customer gain plans, while also clearer on scaling considerations for the ’next step’, as well as more understanding on driving a positive company culture. 

  • Did you consider other consultants when looking for advice? If so what why did GTM Middle East stand out and make them the right choice for you personally and as a business?

I had known the Principal Consultant of GTM and some of the work done in the region over the last 8 years with other companies and when we sat it was clear that their services are tailored specifically for the small business wanting to grow and go to this ’next’ level.  I felt GTM could be trusted to take into understanding the maturity of the company, our policies, and plans, which aren’t always formalised.

  • In your opinion what were the key pieces of advice provided by your GTM consultant that helped your business grow?

1) understanding and staging our goals – short-term tactical, mid-term strategic, long-term vision
2) clarifying and formalising our competitive advantage strategy3) pricing structures4) go to market strategies for different channels5) defining the KPI variables for success6) establishing headcount expansion planning

  • How did the recent work carried out by GTM Middle East help streamline your business and improve efficiency?

One area that was covered was the utilisation of resources, and at what level we are and what we should be to maximise income, while still remaining true to our value proposition of quality and availability.

  • Looking to the future, where do you see the requirement of working with GTM Middle East again?

What is impressive about GTM is that they not only provide great insights from a consultancy perspective, but they also provide execution services to help you realise the success you are planning, so we will be increasing our partnership with them